Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sales Online

The Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sale will officially start late Wednesday night and will all day on Thanksgiving. There will be a ton of great deals leading up to the Amazon Black Friday 2013 sale. The featured category will definitely be electronics, as there will be hundreds of killer deals on everything from Kindles to cameras, hdtvs, laptops, video game consoles, and so much more.

The other area of the store where you can expect beyond insane deals is in the books, music and movies department. Look for great deals on physical and electronic books. Anywhere from 20-70% off. We won’t know the exact Amazon Black Thursday deals until we get a little closer. For DVDs, expect some great bundle deals and general sales on Blu Rays and combo packs. In years past we have seen Blu Ray DVDs on sale for as little as $5. For music, expect general discounts.

The rest of will have deals scattered throughout the online store. Every department will have deals, but only select items will be marked as Gold Box sales items. These are the items with the largest discounts and items that will probably sell out the fastest. So you will need to shop earlier Wednesday night to get these Amazon Black Thursday 2013 sales prices.

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