Walmart Black Thursday Thanksgiving Sales have Begun!!!!

walmart black thursday

Guess what folks, the Walmart Black Thursday 2015 sale is starting early this year. Walmart has just sent out an email alerting everyone that the official Black Thursday 2013 sale has begun and sales prices are now available for purchase. Check out the Walmart Thanksgiving 2014 sales list below.

  • ***FAST TRACK*** Frozen art set for $ 12.97 Thanksgiving Sales
  • Full Motion Wall Mount for 10″ to 42″ TVs with Tilt and Swivel Articulating Arm and HDMI Cable for $ 15.99 Black Thursday Deals
  • Full Motion Wall Mount for 19″ to 70″ TVs with Tilt and Swivel Articulating Arm and HDMI Cable for $ 48
  • 10 Strawberry Street Nova Square 16-Piece Dinnerware Set for $ 29.97
  • 10 Strawberry Street Nova Square Banquet 45-Piece Dinnerware Set for $ 59 Thanksgiving 2014 Prices
  • 11×14 Photo Canvas for $ 24.96
  • 2 For $28 Family Favorites Value Game Bundle (Xbox 360) for $ 28
  • 2 For $30 Gamer Favorites Value Game Bundle (Nintendo 3DS) for $ 30 Black Thursday 2014 Sale Prices
  • 2 For $30 Gamer Favorites Value Game Bundle (PS3) for $ 30 Thanksgiving Sales
  • 2 For $30 Gamer Favorites Value Game Bundle (Wii U) for $ 30 Black Thursday Deals
  • 2 For $30 Gamer Favorites Value Game Bundle (Xbox 360) for $ 30
  • 2 For $30 Kid Favorites Value Game Bundle (Nintendo 3DS) for $ 30
  • 2 For $50 Gamer Favorites Value Game Bundle (PS4) for $ 50 Thanksgiving 2014 Prices
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Macys Thanksgiving 2014 Sales Ad Leaked


I love how the Macys 2014 Thanksgiving sale is a completely different event from their Black Friday sale. They have released their annual Thanksgiving Day ad which features sales starting late Wednesday night and running up to 6pm which is when their Black Friday sale begins. The best part about the Macys Thanksgiving Day 2014 sale is that the entire thing happens online.

Just like every year before, the Macys Thanksgiving Day sale never disappoints. With promises of savings between 30% – 75% off, there are going to be some great opportunities for saving money before Black Friday even starts. In fact, you can do a whole lot of shopping before football starts and well before you eat yourself silly full of turkey. Below are some of the top deals from the Macys 2014 Black Thursday sale.


  • up to 50% off select sportswear
  • up to 50% off separates
  • up to 30% off juniors sportswear
  • up to 50% off sleepwear
  • cute boots from $49-$89
  • up to 50% off coats
  • 40% off handbags and accessories
  • Scarves for under $20
  • You can shop these deals and more online at

These deals are just the beginning. There are 40 more pages that weren’t listed here that contain deals that will be available during the Macys Thanksgiving Day 2014 sale. Once these items are gone they are gone. I strongly recommend hopping online early and picking out your favorite deals before they are gone. Happy Shopping and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Target Thanksgiving Day Sales Ad Posted


WooHoo!!!! Can you believe, it the Target Thanksgiving 2014 sales ad is here and it is a doozy. Over 400 items on sale between Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I say, can you believe it. This is far and away the best sales ad that has been leaked over the last couple of weeks. We are still awaiting a few other store’s ads, but so far no one comes close to the Target Black Thursday 2014 sale!

Doors open at 6pm Thanksgiving Day at Target (not all locations, see your store for details), but who needs to leave home and go shopping when you can do all of your Thanksgiving 2014 sales shopping online at Stores and online will have some combined sales and there will also be some store only deals as well as online only deals (post continues below the picture of the Black Thursday ad scan).


As you can see from the front page of the scanned ad from Target, there are some great deals. You really should flip through the whole ad though as there are 400+ products and 30+ pages to flip through. Great deals on electronics is not a surprise. Great deals on Apple iPad Airs, insane pricing. 40% off apparel. Buy one get one 50% off toys. Great deals on home decor items. There is something for everyone at the Target Thanksgiving 2014 sale.

There will be great deals leading up to Black Thursday as well, so head over to for all the best deals this holiday season.

Amazon Black Thursday 2014 Sales are Around the Corner Black Thursday 2014 sales are right around the corner and I am getting pretty excited. Amazon always has one of the best selections of any retailer due to the size of their online inventory. Not only do they have the best selection they also have the best prices. I strongly encourage you to go Prime if you dont already have it, the Free 2 Shipping alone is worth it. You can look into it here.

As for what will be featured at the Amazon 2014 Black Thursday sale, look at tablets, smart phones, HDTVs, laptops, wearable technology and other gadgets. I think this is where Amazon is really going to throw out some great deals during Thanksgiving. Typically, Amazon does not launch an ad scan the same way that many other reatailers do. Yet they still get tons of shoppers flocking their way during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

You can check any pre Thanksgiving sales online at There will be lightning deals and deals of the day running between now and Thanksgiving. There will be plenty of opportunties to find incredible prices on great products. Stay up to date and follow this site for and Black Thursday 2014 sales updates.

Walmart Toy Catalog Black Thursday Released

walmart black thursday

You can see the entire Walmart Toy Book online at With more than 30 pages of insane deals available starting on Thanksgiving Day and running into Black Friday, there are so many options for kids of all ages. Below is a small sample from the Walmart Toy Book list.

Walmart Toy Book 2014 Sales Ad


As you can see there are some great deals available. And that is really just the tip of the iceberg. There will be so many fantastic online sales at Walmart for some of the best toys there will be no need to shop anywhere else. The other thing you will notice if you look through the entire ad is that there are great deals for babies and pre teens. Electronics, toys, games, dolls and so much more will all be discounted in a major way during the Walmart Black Thursday 2014 sale.

Walmart Black Thursday 2014 Sales

walmart black thursday 2014

Can you smell the deals in the air? Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching which means that Walmart Black Thursday 2014 Sales will be starting online soon. I am already hearing rumblings of some of the types of deals that will be available at Walmart as well as some other major stores. I am really excited to get my hands on the Walmart Thanksgiving 2014 sales ad, which should be released very soon. Below are some of the top deals available right now at


The Walmart Black Thursday sale will technically start late Wednesday night and will run all day on Thanksgiving before we run into Black Friday. The best deals will be reserved online and will likely feature a wide array of tech deals, toys, computer, phone, and tablet deals. There will be plenty of other sales as well, like clothes, books, DVDs, video games, baby items, home decor, etc. But the best and most competitive deals will definitely be in the electronics section.

Look for great deals on Apple products. Usually, Walmart will drop their prices and add gift cards for Black Thursday and Thanksgiving. The gift card totals depend on how large your memory is on your Apple product. However, I can confidently say that no one comes close to Walmart on Apple products. Look for great deals on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac Books (Plenty of accessories available as well). If you don’t care for Apple, Walmart has a great seletion of PC based tablets and computers as well.

One of the other major sales items during Thanksgiving at Walmart is TVs. There will UHD (Ultra High Def) as well, which are generally really expensive as it is a newer technology, but with the holidays, the prices should go a lot lower. Last year we saw some decent size HDTVs priced under $200 and I would expect we see similar deals this year as well. The one other TV category is Smart TVs for Thanksgiving 2014 at Walmart. More and more Smart TVs are being released at affordable price points. I own 2 from Vizio and I love them. Its great being able to watch Netflix, Amazon and even YouTube without having to hook up your computer. Look for great deals on all TVs during Thanksgiving.

There will be plenty of other deals during Black Thursday 2014 at Walmart. Stay tuned and check out the website for more info.

BestBuy and Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sales


Thanksgiving Day sales at BestBuy and are live and are two of the top electronics Black Thursday 2013 sales I have come across. I will highlight the top electronics Thanksgiving Day sales at both stores below. Before I start, I invite you to check out the Walmart Thanksgiving sale as well.

At both Amazon and BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 sales, Free Shipping offers are available. At, if you are a member of Prime you get Free 2 day shipping on thousands of items. At BestBuy, they offer Free everyday shipping on most items. Here are some of the top sales items for each store.

Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sale

There is a wide selection of tablets discounted by at least 20%. It is the largest Thanksgiving tablet sale I have seen so far this year. Also, you will want to navigate through the set discount pages. has pages dedicated to discount levels. For instance, you can navigate through all products in the electronics category with a 50% off or greater discount. There are a lot of unbeatable deals at the Amazon Black Thursday sale and you should definitely check it out.


BestBuy Thanksgiving Day Sale

The BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 sale is pretty compelling. The amount of deals is surprising and way better than the selection from last year. They have some awesome deals on HDTVs, laptops, and tablets. For HDTVs and laptops, look for deals on products under $200. For tablets, there is a wide range of options. You can get cheaper tablets for under $100 or you can go big this time of year and take advantage of Thanksgiving deals on iPads with pretty decent discounts. There is a secret midnight sale as well, you will need to check out to see what is available.


Target and Walmart Black Thursday 2013 Sales Start Today


Starting today both the Walmart and Target Black Thursday 2013 sales begin. Stores for both will remain open through tonight before they close (Target likely at 10pm in most locations and Walmart at 12am in most locations). From that point on you will only be able to shop their Thanksgiving sales online until their stores open again at 6pm on Thanksgiving night. Below I will walk you through some of the details for each Target and Walmart Black Thursday sale on Thanksgiving.

Walmart Black Thursday 2013 Sale

This year’s Thanksgiving sale at Walmart is way better than last year’s sale. There are a lot more items on sale both the night before and on Thanksgiving Day. Tablets, HDTVs, Toys, Learning Toys, and video games have the largest discounts. For HDTVs, you can get a great TV for under $200. For tablets, there is an enormous selections, look for iPads under $400 at Walmart. There are a lot of other brand’s tablets as well, check out their entire selection. For video games, check out bundles for XBOX One and for PS4 to get the best savings. Free Shipping on most orders when you spend at least $35 online. You can shop the Walmart sale here. (see target below)


Target Black Thursday 2013 Sale

The Target Thanksgiving sale will feature strong deals on electronics, items for the home, health and beauty, toys, and clothing. Those are the main sections when you visit Similar to Walmart, check out tablets, HDTVs, video game bundles, cameras, laptops, and stereo equipment. Great deals available and strong discounts of up to $60 off in some cases. Items for the home is really the next big department. Everything from Christmas decor to everyday products for the home. Terrific discounts on some great products. Toys are another great buy at the Target Thanksgiving sale. You can shop the hundreds of available deals online at


BestBuy Black Thursday Sale On Thanksgiving


Black Friday week at has started and is showcasing some pretty crazy deals. With more and more competition during Black Thursday 2013 I have seen more retailers leaking great deals in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. BestBuy Pre Thanksgiving sales have been no exception.

In addition to awesome Free Shipping offers, BestBuy is offering killer deals on electronics ranging from tablets to HDTVs to appliances, DVDs, CDs, stereos, video games and more. Select brands are being offered at major discounts. The two that I have seen some great deals on leading up to Thanksgiving are Samsung and Apple. Obviously, both brands have tons of products across multiple product lines. Especially Samsung who offers everything from appliances to TVs to phones and so much more. We are already seeing discounts of up to 70% off which is pretty great considering we are still a couple of days away from the official BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 sale gets started on Thanksgiving day.


When the sale starts you will have to shop online because BestBuy stores don’t open until 6pm on Thanksgiving nights. You can continue shopping Black Thursday sales at BestBuy all night long before the sale eventually turns into the BestBuy Black Friday 2013 sale.

Kohls Black Thursday Thanksgiving Sale


The Kohls Black Thursday 2013 sale kicks off the night before Thanksgiving at The sale features hundreds of items which will be on sale all night Wednesday night and will roll right through Black Thursday. The Kohls Black Friday sale will commence directly following the Thanksgiving Day sale at Kohls. Basically, the Thanksgiving Day sale will be an online only sale until the stores open at 8pm. The sale will then be split between an online and in an in-store sale. There will be exclusive deals for each event. You will need to read through the Kohls sales ad to get all the details.

Kohls 2013 Black Thursday Sales Ad


The sale at Kohls will feature hundreds of deals on clothing, kitchen items, home decor, toys, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more. The biggest area of deals at will be in the home decor and clothing sections. Check the sales ad for deals on brand name clothing and home decor items. You will find all the best brands for men, women, and kids. Kohls will also have Free Shipping deals throughout the Thanksgiving sales event, you will need to check their site to see how much money you need to spend to qualify. Check out for more details on the Black Thursday 2013 sale.