Black Thursday 2014 Deals at Walmart, Target, Amazon and more


Happy Thanksgiving! It’s turkey day, football day, and shopping day. Today is the day when all the madness starts. And all of the shopping will be done online until at least 6pm, which is when some stores will open. The best deals that I have seen cruising around the net today is at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and BestBuy. Each store has a something different to offer and between these stores you can get pretty much anything you want.

The Walmart Black Thursday 2014 sale will feature great deals all day online. Electronics, toys, clothes, and items for the home will be featured. The store opens at 6pm in some locations or you can continue to shop online.

The Target Thanksgiving Day 2014 sale has similar type deals as Walmart and will be online only until 6pm in some locations. Target is offering free shipping on all online orders.

The Amazon Thanksgiving 2014 sale is the largest of any Black Thursday sales. Of course you will need to shop online and you get Free 2 Day Shipping on thousands of items if you have Amazon Prime. I strongly recommend checking out Thanksgiving deals at Amazon before you buy anything.

The BestBuy Black Thursday 2014 sale is online only until tonight. I actually think the Black Thursday sale will be better than what will be available at BestBuy for Black Friday.

Black Thursday 2014 Deals USA, LLC target black thursday
Walmart Black Thursday 2014 Sales Amazon Black Thursday 2014 Sales Target Black Thursday 2014 Sales

Some other good sales include:

BestBuy and Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sales


Thanksgiving Day sales at BestBuy and are live and are two of the top electronics Black Thursday 2013 sales I have come across. I will highlight the top electronics Thanksgiving Day sales at both stores below. Before I start, I invite you to check out the Walmart Thanksgiving sale as well.

At both Amazon and BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 sales, Free Shipping offers are available. At, if you are a member of Prime you get Free 2 day shipping on thousands of items. At BestBuy, they offer Free everyday shipping on most items. Here are some of the top sales items for each store.

Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sale

There is a wide selection of tablets discounted by at least 20%. It is the largest Thanksgiving tablet sale I have seen so far this year. Also, you will want to navigate through the set discount pages. has pages dedicated to discount levels. For instance, you can navigate through all products in the electronics category with a 50% off or greater discount. There are a lot of unbeatable deals at the Amazon Black Thursday sale and you should definitely check it out.


BestBuy Thanksgiving Day Sale

The BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 sale is pretty compelling. The amount of deals is surprising and way better than the selection from last year. They have some awesome deals on HDTVs, laptops, and tablets. For HDTVs and laptops, look for deals on products under $200. For tablets, there is a wide range of options. You can get cheaper tablets for under $100 or you can go big this time of year and take advantage of Thanksgiving deals on iPads with pretty decent discounts. There is a secret midnight sale as well, you will need to check out to see what is available.


BestBuy Black Thursday Sale On Thanksgiving


Black Friday week at has started and is showcasing some pretty crazy deals. With more and more competition during Black Thursday 2013 I have seen more retailers leaking great deals in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. BestBuy Pre Thanksgiving sales have been no exception.

In addition to awesome Free Shipping offers, BestBuy is offering killer deals on electronics ranging from tablets to HDTVs to appliances, DVDs, CDs, stereos, video games and more. Select brands are being offered at major discounts. The two that I have seen some great deals on leading up to Thanksgiving are Samsung and Apple. Obviously, both brands have tons of products across multiple product lines. Especially Samsung who offers everything from appliances to TVs to phones and so much more. We are already seeing discounts of up to 70% off which is pretty great considering we are still a couple of days away from the official BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 sale gets started on Thanksgiving day.


When the sale starts you will have to shop online because BestBuy stores don’t open until 6pm on Thanksgiving nights. You can continue shopping Black Thursday sales at BestBuy all night long before the sale eventually turns into the BestBuy Black Friday 2013 sale.

BestBuy Thanksgiving Sale in 2013 will Rock


The BestBuy Thanksgiving 2013 Sale will have two components. The online sale and the in-store sale. The online sale gets started at midnight Wednesday night and will continue all day Thursday. Technically, you can shop the entire Black Thursday and Black Friday sale online, but there will be overlap when stores begin to open Thanksgiving night.

At 6pm, BestBuy stores open. That is when the main sales event will start. There will be different phases with different products on sale throughout Thursday and Friday. The best deals will be on laptops, iPads, Tablets, video games, HDTVs, and DVDs. There will be great deals on other items as well throughout the BestBuy Thanksgiving 2013 sale.

BestBuy Thanksgiving Day 2013 Sale


I invite you to head over to to view your local ad as deals may be different depending on your location. There will be Free Shipping deals available as well when you shop online. There will also be no shipping charges when you pick up in stores. Overall, the BestBuy Thanksgiving 2013 sale is shaping up to be one of the stronger sales. It’s worth checking out their ad to see if you want to either shop online or in stores. Hope your holidays are safe and plentiful. Happy Shopping at BestBuy.

BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 Sale Best for Electronics

BestBuy Thanksgiving Sale

When it comes to Black Thursday 2013 Sales, BestBuy is going to be one of the top stores. For the majority of the Thanksgiving Sale, which starts Wednesday night and runs through Thursday night, the event will be an online only sale. There are other retailers who will have great deals on electronics, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target, but none of them will have the range of electronics as BestBuy. You can get high-end and more economical electronics at the BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 Sale, whereas at some of the other Thanksgiving sales you will only be able to get more economical electronics. (catch more below the image, including Free Shipping Offers)

bestbuy gifts

The top categories to shop during the BestBuy Black Thursday Sale on Thanksgiving are listed below:

  • Tablet Black Thursday Sale –
  • Tablets are expected to be a huge seller at Best Buy during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Looks for iPads and Samsungs to compete in a major way at some great prices. Click Here to learn more.

  • Laptop Black Thursday Sale –
  • Laptops from many different brands will be on sale. I bought a new computer last year during Black Friday. The computer was regularly over $600 and I got it for around $400. Look for low price and high end computers on sale at BestBuy for Thanksgiving. Click Here to learn more.

  • HDTV Thanksgiving Day Sale –
  • Same as with other electronics, you can find HDTVs for around $200 or you can spend over $2000. There will be lots of great Black Thursday deals on HDTVs from lots of different brands. Click Here to learn more.

  • Video Game Black Thursday Sale –
  • Video Game and Console bundles will be enormous this year. With the PS4 coming out in November, just 2 weeks before Black Friday, expect the video game pricing wars to heat up. This is a great situation for people looking to get video games and/or video game consoles. Click Here to learn more.

  • Digital Camera Thanksgiving Sale –
  • You can get basic digital cameras or nicer SLR cameras on sale at Best Buy for Black Thursday. Thanksgiving deals will have cameras as low as $50 all the way up to $2000. Tons of great brands and great deals on cameras and accessories. Click Here to learn more.

What Black Thursday is all About

Best Buy

Black Thursday is an up and coming shopping day that is gaining momentum. In fact, it goes by another name . . . Thanksgiving Day. You will start to see a lot of information starting to come out about Black Thursday sales in 2013, which happens on November 28th this year. It isn’t a huge surprise that Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier blurring the lines between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It seemed like retailers were ok with leaving Thanksgiving alone for a while. Then companies like Kmart and Walmart starting running online only Thanksgiving Day sales. Now there is so much competition that Thanksgiving sales run directly into Black Friday sales which start at midnight. Walmart Black Friday 2013 sales are a prime example. (below are some top Black Thursday retailers, read more below the pictures) USA, LLC target black thursday
Walmart Black Thursday 2013 Sales Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sales Target Black Thursday 2013 Sales

The biggest sellers and topics of Black Thursday / Thanksgiving Day ads tend to be either electronics and toys. Tablets and laptops are expected to be a couple of the bigger sellers this year. Be on the lookout for great deals on iPads, iPhones, cheap laptops and more. You will need to watch out for retailer ad scans to find the best deals. Timing is everything. Most of these sales will be doorbuster sales, so when the featured item is gone, its gone. Stay tuned to this site for all the most up to date information.