BestBuy Black Thursday Sale On Thanksgiving


Black Friday week at has started and is showcasing some pretty crazy deals. With more and more competition during Black Thursday 2013 I have seen more retailers leaking great deals in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. BestBuy Pre Thanksgiving sales have been no exception.

In addition to awesome Free Shipping offers, BestBuy is offering killer deals on electronics ranging from tablets to HDTVs to appliances, DVDs, CDs, stereos, video games and more. Select brands are being offered at major discounts. The two that I have seen some great deals on leading up to Thanksgiving are Samsung and Apple. Obviously, both brands have tons of products across multiple product lines. Especially Samsung who offers everything from appliances to TVs to phones and so much more. We are already seeing discounts of up to 70% off which is pretty great considering we are still a couple of days away from the official BestBuy Black Thursday 2013 sale gets started on Thanksgiving day.


When the sale starts you will have to shop online because BestBuy stores don’t open until 6pm on Thanksgiving nights. You can continue shopping Black Thursday sales at BestBuy all night long before the sale eventually turns into the BestBuy Black Friday 2013 sale.

Kohls Black Thursday Thanksgiving Sale


The Kohls Black Thursday 2013 sale kicks off the night before Thanksgiving at The sale features hundreds of items which will be on sale all night Wednesday night and will roll right through Black Thursday. The Kohls Black Friday sale will commence directly following the Thanksgiving Day sale at Kohls. Basically, the Thanksgiving Day sale will be an online only sale until the stores open at 8pm. The sale will then be split between an online and in an in-store sale. There will be exclusive deals for each event. You will need to read through the Kohls sales ad to get all the details.

Kohls 2013 Black Thursday Sales Ad


The sale at Kohls will feature hundreds of deals on clothing, kitchen items, home decor, toys, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more. The biggest area of deals at will be in the home decor and clothing sections. Check the sales ad for deals on brand name clothing and home decor items. You will find all the best brands for men, women, and kids. Kohls will also have Free Shipping deals throughout the Thanksgiving sales event, you will need to check their site to see how much money you need to spend to qualify. Check out for more details on the Black Thursday 2013 sale.

Walmart Pre Thanksgiving 2013 Sales


The latest Black Thursday 2013 Sales news comes from Walmart. I have news of another Walmart Pre Thanksgiving Day sale which will consist of an online and offline sale. The pre Thanksgiving Day sale starts on Friday and will run all weekend long. The best deals for this particular sale will be on electronics, toys, clothes, Christmas Decor, and Home goods. Some of the better deals include discounts on large screen HDTVs. This weekend only, you will be able to buy brand name HDTVs at 50″ or less for under $400. Those deals are good as we are expecting to see on Black Thursday 2013 at Walmart and other stores. (read more below the image)


Other great deals can be found in the toy section at Walmart. Look for great deals on toys, puzzles, games, and interactive learning toys like the Leapfrog LeapPad. The LeapPad has a great sales price of under $50 and there are deals on games as well. Nerf items will also be heavily discounted along with a number of other toys at the Walmart pre Thanksgiving 2013 sale.

If you are starting to prepare for the holidays, Walmart has great deals on home decor, including Christmas and Thanksgiving decor. The prices are pretty much unbeatable and you get Free Shipping when you buy at least $49 worth online. Or you can spend any amount and pay no shipping when you ship from site to store for easy pickup. The Walmart Pre Thanksgiving Day Sale only lasts this weekend, so Visit Now to take advantage of the limited time offers.

BestBuy Thanksgiving Sale in 2013 will Rock


The BestBuy Thanksgiving 2013 Sale will have two components. The online sale and the in-store sale. The online sale gets started at midnight Wednesday night and will continue all day Thursday. Technically, you can shop the entire Black Thursday and Black Friday sale online, but there will be overlap when stores begin to open Thanksgiving night.

At 6pm, BestBuy stores open. That is when the main sales event will start. There will be different phases with different products on sale throughout Thursday and Friday. The best deals will be on laptops, iPads, Tablets, video games, HDTVs, and DVDs. There will be great deals on other items as well throughout the BestBuy Thanksgiving 2013 sale.

BestBuy Thanksgiving Day 2013 Sale


I invite you to head over to to view your local ad as deals may be different depending on your location. There will be Free Shipping deals available as well when you shop online. There will also be no shipping charges when you pick up in stores. Overall, the BestBuy Thanksgiving 2013 sale is shaping up to be one of the stronger sales. It’s worth checking out their ad to see if you want to either shop online or in stores. Hope your holidays are safe and plentiful. Happy Shopping at BestBuy.

Walmart Thanksgiving 2015 Sale Starts on Wednesday

walmart black thursday 2015

I have some details about when the Walmart Thanksgiving 2015 Sale starts and when it finishes. The sale will start online on Wednesday night. It will probably start around midnight (or possible earlier) and will only be available online at The Black Thursday sale will then continue online all day until 8pm, which is when stores open. If you want, you can still shop online at the Walmart 2015 Thanksgiving Day Sale through the rest of the night.

There will be a Walmart Thanksgiving Sales ad released within the next little while which will describe all of the different sales items that will be available on Thanksgiving as well as on Black Friday. There will be a mix of different types of sales, including online only, store only, and available at both. The star of the sale will likely be Thanksgiving sales on iPads, tablets, laptops, HDTVs, DVDs, and video games. If you are shopping for any of those items, expect some pretty insane deals (in some cases upwards of 50% off). If you are interested in other items, like toys, home decor, clothing, baby items, etc. there will be plenty of incredible deals in those departments as well. Walmart has already released their toy book showcasing all their best toy deals. The rest of the items will be detailed in the Black Friday / Thanksgiving Walmart sales ad. Happy Shopping

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale in 2015


Home Depot Thanksgiving 2013 Sales – Appliance Deals


Wowzers, just caught the Home Depot appliance Black Friday sales ad. Bottom line, if you are in need of new appliances, or are even considering new appliances, I would head over to the Home Depot Thanksgiving apppliance sale which runs from now through the big day. Pretty killer deals on most major brands, some of the deals may end up saving you between 30-50% off. When you think about how expensive appliances are, that percentage off is going to save you quite a bit of money. Also, when you shop online at the Home Depot Thanksgiving Day 2013 Sale you will get Free Shipping on appliances plus free haul away of old appliances. Not even Sears can offer you that sweet of a deal.

Home Depot Thanksgiving 2013 Appliance Sale


There will be a lot of competition for a lot of different types of products during the holidays. While there are lot’s of smallish players in the home improvement industry, there are really only a few major home improvement stores that threaten Home Depot’s deals. Lowes, Ace Hardware, and maybe an Osh. That’s about it. So when Home Depot Thanksgiving 2013 sales look this good, it will be tough to be beat their prices. Happy Shopping and be safe.

Is Black Thursday the New Black Friday? Experts Think So


Experts at Adobe are predicting that Black Thursday, or Thanksgiving Day Sales, will become larger than Black Friday sales in 5 years or so. That is a major shift in how people think about finding deals during the holidays. For the longest time retailers assumed that people did not want to shop on Thanksgiving Day. And if you are referring to actually going into a store to buy on Thanksgiving then retailers were right . . . mostly. Some stores like Walmart, Target, and Macys have seen a lot of success when they open their store doors after dinner, in most cases at about 8pm. At that point, Thanksgiving sales pretty much blend right into Black Friday deals.

Most retailers are starting to recognize the opportunity of having deals on Thanksgiving Day. It’s just that most retailers will hold online only sales versus holding sales in physical stores. Analysts are estimating more than $1 Billion will be spent on Thanksgiving Day alone. The first time the total has ever reached that level on Thanksgiving Day. That’s why analysts expect stores like Walmart and to drive Thanksgiving sales right on past Black Friday sales.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see a lot of ads on your TV, hear them on the radio, and be bombarded in your email box and computer screen. If you are interested in finding Thanksgiving Day 2013 sales, I encourage you to come back and visit often. We’ll be here all season with the best deals from the best retailers.

Toys R Us 2013 Thanksgiving Day Sale – Opens at 5pm

Toys R Us thanksgiving sale

Shop online during the morning and then head to the store Thanksgiving night at 5pm. That is the message that is being relayed by the folks over at Toys R Us. Last year, the store opened at 8pm, stayed open all night into Black Friday. But I guess that wasn’t good enough for them. In 2013, the Toys R Us Thanksgiving Day Sale will be the strongest and longest lasting toy sale that I have seen. Already we have seen the Big Toy Book released with hundreds of pages of Black Thursday and Thanksgiving deals at Toys R Us. Stores like Walmart and Target don’t come close in the number of toys on sale and in many cases the prices that Toys R Us is offering.


Toys R Us Thanksgiving Day Sale in 2013

It is difficult to lay out all of the great deals that will be available in stores and online at Toys R Us as the holidays roll around. It is difficult because there are so many great deals available. What I also really like is that they are making toys affordable for everyone. There will be toys under $5, under $10 and they will also be marking down higher prices items too. So you can get video game bundles for a pretty hefty discount compared to what you might spend if you bought in July instead of Thanksgiving at Toys R Us. I strongly recommend hitting the online portion of the Thanksgiving sale at Toys R Us before you head into stores later that night. Happy Shopping.

Kmart Thanksgiving Day Sale in 2013 – Open All Day

kmart thanksgiving day sale

2013 Black Thursday sales cometh early this year at Kmart. When most stores are announcing they will be closed most of Thanksgiving Day, Kmart has announced they will be open for the long haul. Of course, is always open, but the physical store will actually open at 6am on Thanksgiving Day and will stay open all the way till 11pm on Black Friday. Kmart is the first major retailer to be this aggressive around Thanksgiving. While it still remains somewhat of a mystery which items will be on sale during Black Thursday at Kmart, or even when the store will transition from Thanksgiving sales to Black Friday.


Once the Kmart Thanksgiving 2013 ad is leaked we will know quite a bit more as far as quality of sales items is concerned. Although, in year’s past Kmart really has done a very nice job in releasing a very comprehensive Black Friday and separate Black Thursday ad. Usually a few hundred items deep, there will be plenty to choose from. Also, expect to see Kmart use a Doorbusters format for many of their big ticket and highly discounted items. Basically, it will be first come first serve. There will also be a number of online only sales, but we don’t know what they will be yet. Kmart will also have Free Shipping offers available as well as buy online and pick up in stores.

Click here to shop the Kmart 2013 Thanksgiving Day Sale!

Amazon Black Thursday 2013 Sales Set to Rock Thanksgiving Black Thursday and Thanksgiving offers are a completely different animal than their competitors because everything will occur online. Whereas a Walmart and Target will have their stores open on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then they will open up at 8pm and stay open all night long. will be the only place to access their sales which makes life pretty easy in my opinion. During Thanksgiving Day, you can plop down on the couch with your laptop or tablet, head over to 2013 Black Thursday Amazon sales online and shop the best deals. Plus, when you are dealing with Amazon you are definitely getting some of the best prices. And if you have Prime you are getting Free 2 Day Shipping which is pretty sweet.

Some of the expected big deals that will be pitching on Thanksgiving will be items like the Kindle, books for your Kindle, DVDs, HDTVs, cell phones, laptops, clothing, and home decor. There will be plenty of other items to choose from, but look for the electronics category to really wow you this year.

In years past, the Amazon Black Thursday sale gets started late Wednesday night, which is the day before Thanksgiving. Amazon will then have deals running all day on Thanksgiving leading straight into Black Friday sales. Check out for all the best Thanksgiving deals.