Walmart Thanksgiving 2015 Sale Starts on Wednesday

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I have some details about when the Walmart Thanksgiving 2015 Sale starts and when it finishes. The sale will start online on Wednesday night. It will probably start around midnight (or possible earlier) and will only be available online at The Black Thursday sale will then continue online all day until 8pm, which is when stores open. If you want, you can still shop online at the Walmart 2015 Thanksgiving Day Sale through the rest of the night.

There will be a Walmart Thanksgiving Sales ad released within the next little while which will describe all of the different sales items that will be available on Thanksgiving as well as on Black Friday. There will be a mix of different types of sales, including online only, store only, and available at both. The star of the sale will likely be Thanksgiving sales on iPads, tablets, laptops, HDTVs, DVDs, and video games. If you are shopping for any of those items, expect some pretty insane deals (in some cases upwards of 50% off). If you are interested in other items, like toys, home decor, clothing, baby items, etc. there will be plenty of incredible deals in those departments as well. Walmart has already released their toy book showcasing all their best toy deals. The rest of the items will be detailed in the Black Friday / Thanksgiving Walmart sales ad. Happy Shopping

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale in 2015


Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale in 2013 – Major Update


It looks like the 2013 Thanksgiving Sale at Walmart will start online at midnight on Wednesday. The store itself won’t open until 8pm Thanksgiving night at most Walmart locations. There will probably not be any official Walmart Thanksgiving sales ad that will come out, rather, it will likely be a leak online of all the major deals available at Last year, we saw great deals on HDTVs, toys, laptops, tablets, DVDs, and video game bundles. There were plenty of other deals, but those were the departments that stood out. Also, starting this year Walmart will be running way better Free Shipping offers than they have in years past. The Free Shipping offer will run throughout the holidays and most items are available for Free Shipping at


There is also a layaway service available at Walmart, but I think you need to take advantage of it in stores only. Its definitely worth checking out if you are low on money. Its also smart to shop Thanksgiving sales and Black Friday sales because you do have the ability to save a lot of money on holiday gifts. Another reason that Walmart Thanksgiving Sales in 2013 will be so popular this year is because Hanukah starts on Thanksgiving Day, so more people will be shopping earlier. You can check out online sales here. Happy Shopping!

Walmart Black Thursday 2013 Sale on Hot Products


Walmart will undoubtedly be one of the top Black Thursday 2013 sales destinations anywhere online. Towards the bottom of the article I will discuss hot products and departments for Walmart Black Thursday 2013 sales. As pretty much 100% of retail stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day (some re-open 8pm Thanksgiving night), your only option to hit one of the hottest new shopping days is online at Over the last few years, Walmart Black Thursday Thanksgiving Sales have picked up a lot of momentum as retailers look for new ways to reach consumers with great deals offering additional sales and publicity leading into Walmart Black Friday 2013 sales. If you click on the image below you will be taken directly to Walmart’s website where you can start shopping immediately, or you can scroll below the image and find out more about the best Black Thursday deals on hot products.


So what’s the difference between Walmart Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales? In all reality, not that much. A few years ago it would have been a different story. But Walmart has done a great job of turning Thanksgiving into a major shopping day. Here are some the top expected deals:

In no way does this constitute all the deals that will be available at the Walmart Black Thursday 2013 sale, but it is a way for you to start watching for the best deals. Typically, Walmart will announce what will be available online a couple of weeks before the event. But when the Black Thursday 2013 sale starts on Thanksgiving Day, you better make sure that you are one of the first online to make sure you get the best deals at

Walmart Black Thursday 2013 Sales will be Historic


The Walmart Black Thursday 2013 Sale is setting up to be one of the most historic sales events on Thanksgiving. An entirely online only sale, look for unbelieveable deals on departments throughout the store leading up to the Walmart Black Friday 2013 sale which runs back to back. Also, when Black Friday starts, stores will open and there will be a combination of online and offline exclusive deals. I will walk through some popular categories and products to keep your eye on when it comes to shopping the Walmart Black Thursday sale. (Read more Walmart sales info below the image).


Not surprsingly, electronics will be the tentpole category for sales and doorbusters. Not to say that other departments won’t have pretty impressive deals, as there will be an overwhelming number of sales for Black Thursday at Walmart. Here are some of the things to keep your eye on.

Electronics Black Thursday 2013 – the overarching electronics category will have industry leading deals across all major subcategories. Look for computers at around $200, HDTVs around $200, and cameras at a wide range of prices. Also, video game bundles will be a major seller this year. See more info on electronics.

Tablets Black Thursday 2013 – the biggest Thanksgiving tablet deals will be on the iPad at Walmart. Look for discounts on the unit, plus Walmart gift cards of up to $100. Other tablets will also be featured including some products sold at under $100. See more info on tablets.

Toys Thanksgiving Sale – Look for the Walmart toy book to come out in late October. It will list in detail all of the different toy deals. Typically, there will a number of toys under $10 and then look for solid deals on the 2013 most popular toys.

Clothing Black Thanksgiving 2013 – clothes for kids, adults and babies will have major discounts, in some cases up to 60% off. Many of the Black Thursday clothing deals will be by brand. You can see more clothing deals here.

Home Products on Sale – the leader in home goods, including home decor, holiday decorations, kitchen products, small appliances, etc. There is so much to choose from at Walmart, and Black Thursday and Thanksgiving Day sales will be a huge showcase with hundreds of deals.

Click here for more information and to shop the Walmart Black Thursday 2013 sale.

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale 2013 Can’t be Beat USA, LLC

Each year Walmart starts their holiday shopping season earlier and earlier. There will be quite a few pre-black friday sales happening leading up to the main event. Over the last couple of years, Thanksgiving Day Sales at Walmart have gained in popularity. If you are asking yourself, when does the Walmart Thanksgiving Sale start? I can help you answer those questions.

The 2013 Walmart Thanksgiving sale starts as an online only sale at midnight and will run all the way to the following midnight before it seamlessly leads into Black Friday. The physical stores will not open at all on Thursday. They will open at midnight. So if you want to shop on Thanksgiving, it will have to be online. Below I will go through the most popular departments and discuss some Walmart Thanksgiving 2013 sales items.

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Tablet Sale
Expect deals on iPads and other tablets at Walmart. For iPads, expect a price discount as well as a gift card with your purchase. Last year, they offered up to $100 gift cards depending on the type of iPad.

Walmart Thanksgiving Day HDTV Sale
There will be different tvs at different price points available. Be on the lookout for $200 HDTVs and also for premium tvs under $800.

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Laptop Sale
Historically, we see the lower priced laptops discounted further. Some nicer laptops are discounted as well, but the Walmart 2013 Thanksgiving sale will focus on laptops as low as $200.

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Video Game Sale
Look for video game console and game bundles. You will be able to get brand new systems with solid games for around $200. Competition between Playstation and xBox will be heated this year.

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Toys Sale
One of the highlights of the Thanksgiving sale at Walmart will be in the toys section. Walmart will release their toy book showing off the best products at the best prices. Look for their major toys sale under $10.

Click here to view all Walmart Thanksgiving Day Tablet Sale at Walmart.

Where are the Best Black Thursday 2013 Sales?

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If you haven’t thought about it yet, the question may cross your mind: Where are the Best Black Thursday 2012 Sales? We can help you answer that question and much more.

The biggest bonus for shopping on Black Thursday in 2013 is the discounts on items for your holiday gifts. Many retailers will provide at least a small discount on their biggest items. However, this doesn’t always mean you will find a Thanksgiving Day Deal on everything. However, at stores like the Walmart Black Thursday 2013 sale, you will find that electronics are usually the biggest sellers. We also see great deals on clothing, toys, and home products on Black Thursday with great offerings at deeply discounted rates. From stereos, to HDTVs, tablets, and laptops to appliances, you can be fairly sure you’re going to get a great deal. Even DVDs, books, and music are usually marked down. So if you need electronics, shopping Black Thursday 2013 at stores like Walmart is a very good idea.

Where are the Best Black Thursday Sales?

  • Walmart Black Thursday Sale – the best all around sales. Everything from iPads to Mickey Mouse T Shirts. Sale starts on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Target Black Thursday Sale – great deals on electronics, clothing, and home products. Cool thing about Target is they have a lot of customer designers of various items. Sale starts on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Best Buy Black Thursday Sale – largest selection of electronics, including high priced electronics. Typically have great Free Shipping offers too starting on Thanksgiving.
  • Black Thursday Sale – online only sale that has some of the lowest prices of any stores. If you have Prime you get Free Shipping on select items. Sale starts on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Macys Black Thursday Sale – clothing, home decor, bed and bath products, and furniture. Macys is a favorite store to shop online on Thanksgiving Day.