Home Depot Thanksgiving 2013 Sales – Appliance Deals


Wowzers, just caught the Home Depot appliance Black Friday sales ad. Bottom line, if you are in need of new appliances, or are even considering new appliances, I would head over to the Home Depot Thanksgiving apppliance sale which runs from now through the big day. Pretty killer deals on most major brands, some of the deals may end up saving you between 30-50% off. When you think about how expensive appliances are, that percentage off is going to save you quite a bit of money. Also, when you shop online at the Home Depot Thanksgiving Day 2013 Sale you will get Free Shipping on appliances plus free haul away of old appliances. Not even Sears can offer you that sweet of a deal.

Home Depot Thanksgiving 2013 Appliance Sale


There will be a lot of competition for a lot of different types of products during the holidays. While there are lot’s of smallish players in the home improvement industry, there are really only a few major home improvement stores that threaten Home Depot’s deals. Lowes, Ace Hardware, and maybe an Osh. That’s about it. So when Home Depot Thanksgiving 2013 sales look this good, it will be tough to be beat their prices. Happy Shopping and be safe.

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