Is Black Thursday the New Black Friday? Experts Think So


Experts at Adobe are predicting that Black Thursday, or Thanksgiving Day Sales, will become larger than Black Friday sales in 5 years or so. That is a major shift in how people think about finding deals during the holidays. For the longest time retailers assumed that people did not want to shop on Thanksgiving Day. And if you are referring to actually going into a store to buy on Thanksgiving then retailers were right . . . mostly. Some stores like Walmart, Target, and Macys have seen a lot of success when they open their store doors after dinner, in most cases at about 8pm. At that point, Thanksgiving sales pretty much blend right into Black Friday deals.

Most retailers are starting to recognize the opportunity of having deals on Thanksgiving Day. It’s just that most retailers will hold online only sales versus holding sales in physical stores. Analysts are estimating more than $1 Billion will be spent on Thanksgiving Day alone. The first time the total has ever reached that level on Thanksgiving Day. That’s why analysts expect stores like Walmart and to drive Thanksgiving sales right on past Black Friday sales.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see a lot of ads on your TV, hear them on the radio, and be bombarded in your email box and computer screen. If you are interested in finding Thanksgiving Day 2013 sales, I encourage you to come back and visit often. We’ll be here all season with the best deals from the best retailers.

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