Toys R Us 2013 Thanksgiving Day Sale – Opens at 5pm

Toys R Us thanksgiving sale

Shop online during the morning and then head to the store Thanksgiving night at 5pm. That is the message that is being relayed by the folks over at Toys R Us. Last year, the store opened at 8pm, stayed open all night into Black Friday. But I guess that wasn’t good enough for them. In 2013, the Toys R Us Thanksgiving Day Sale will be the strongest and longest lasting toy sale that I have seen. Already we have seen the Big Toy Book released with hundreds of pages of Black Thursday and Thanksgiving deals at Toys R Us. Stores like Walmart and Target don’t come close in the number of toys on sale and in many cases the prices that Toys R Us is offering.


Toys R Us Thanksgiving Day Sale in 2013

It is difficult to lay out all of the great deals that will be available in stores and online at Toys R Us as the holidays roll around. It is difficult because there are so many great deals available. What I also really like is that they are making toys affordable for everyone. There will be toys under $5, under $10 and they will also be marking down higher prices items too. So you can get video game bundles for a pretty hefty discount compared to what you might spend if you bought in July instead of Thanksgiving at Toys R Us. I strongly recommend hitting the online portion of the Thanksgiving sale at Toys R Us before you head into stores later that night. Happy Shopping.

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