Walmart Black Thursday 2014 Sales

walmart black thursday 2014

Can you smell the deals in the air? Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching which means that Walmart Black Thursday 2014 Sales will be starting online soon. I am already hearing rumblings of some of the types of deals that will be available at Walmart as well as some other major stores. I am really excited to get my hands on the Walmart Thanksgiving 2014 sales ad, which should be released very soon. Below are some of the top deals available right now at


The Walmart Black Thursday sale will technically start late Wednesday night and will run all day on Thanksgiving before we run into Black Friday. The best deals will be reserved online and will likely feature a wide array of tech deals, toys, computer, phone, and tablet deals. There will be plenty of other sales as well, like clothes, books, DVDs, video games, baby items, home decor, etc. But the best and most competitive deals will definitely be in the electronics section.

Look for great deals on Apple products. Usually, Walmart will drop their prices and add gift cards for Black Thursday and Thanksgiving. The gift card totals depend on how large your memory is on your Apple product. However, I can confidently say that no one comes close to Walmart on Apple products. Look for great deals on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac Books (Plenty of accessories available as well). If you don’t care for Apple, Walmart has a great seletion of PC based tablets and computers as well.

One of the other major sales items during Thanksgiving at Walmart is TVs. There will UHD (Ultra High Def) as well, which are generally really expensive as it is a newer technology, but with the holidays, the prices should go a lot lower. Last year we saw some decent size HDTVs priced under $200 and I would expect we see similar deals this year as well. The one other TV category is Smart TVs for Thanksgiving 2014 at Walmart. More and more Smart TVs are being released at affordable price points. I own 2 from Vizio and I love them. Its great being able to watch Netflix, Amazon and even YouTube without having to hook up your computer. Look for great deals on all TVs during Thanksgiving.

There will be plenty of other deals during Black Thursday 2014 at Walmart. Stay tuned and check out the website for more info.

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