Walmart Thanksgiving 2015 Sale Starts on Wednesday

walmart black thursday 2015

I have some details about when the Walmart Thanksgiving 2015 Sale starts and when it finishes. The sale will start online on Wednesday night. It will probably start around midnight (or possible earlier) and will only be available online at The Black Thursday sale will then continue online all day until 8pm, which is when stores open. If you want, you can still shop online at the Walmart 2015 Thanksgiving Day Sale through the rest of the night.

There will be a Walmart Thanksgiving Sales ad released within the next little while which will describe all of the different sales items that will be available on Thanksgiving as well as on Black Friday. There will be a mix of different types of sales, including online only, store only, and available at both. The star of the sale will likely be Thanksgiving sales on iPads, tablets, laptops, HDTVs, DVDs, and video games. If you are shopping for any of those items, expect some pretty insane deals (in some cases upwards of 50% off). If you are interested in other items, like toys, home decor, clothing, baby items, etc. there will be plenty of incredible deals in those departments as well. Walmart has already released their toy book showcasing all their best toy deals. The rest of the items will be detailed in the Black Friday / Thanksgiving Walmart sales ad. Happy Shopping

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale in 2015


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